Keto Meal Plan


7 Day Meal Plan

The ketogenic diet in this meal plan provides an average of 1947 calories, 93 grams of protein (19%), 50 grams of carbohydrate (10%) and 153 grams of fat (70%). The ketogenic diet was traditionally used to help manage epilepsy in children, however today it has become a popular diet, reportedly leading to excessive weight loss. I believe that one of the reasons why this diet may be effective in supporting weight loss is because it significantly reduces the consumption of empty calorie, simple, refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, cereals, cakes, potato chips, sweetened juice and soda, candy, pies, and all the other overly abundant grain foods. You are simply, significantly reducing the intake of these carbohydrate-rich foods and replacing them with a more dense calorie source, which may have the ability to keep you more full and may also help to limit your total food choices and thus overall calorie consumption (Paoli et al. 2015).

The ketogenic diet in this meal plan also has one day of fasting, where you will eat only twice in the day to allow for fasting. You can fast for 8-12 hours once to twice per week (which would likely naturally happen on weekends). Fasting has been shown to reduce body fat of men when combined with a resistance exercise training regimen, without having any effect on strength (Moro et al. 2016).

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