General Meal Plan


7 Day Meal Plan

The foundation of our meal plans is circulated upon the following, aim for more protein, keep carbohydrate intake moderate and aim for plenty of fruits and vegetables. I want to encourage at least five servings of fruits and vegetables to support health, longevity and the feeling of fullness to reduce overall calorie intake (Smethers and Rolls, 2018). You will note that every meal plan has anywhere between 83 – 222 grams of protein per day. Protein is crucial to help keep you full while following a calorie restricted diet if aiming for weight loss and protein also plays an important role in building and maintaining muscle (Paddon-Jones et al. 2008). You can always adjust each plan by modifying the serving sizes, for instance if you would like more protein in the vegan meal plan you can double the protein source at each meal, however you must be conscious of the calorie addition. 

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