Our Story

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic during one of the most devastating economic crises in American history, RevolutionaryFitness USA was established. Tyrone Faverey, one of the original founders, wanted to create a platform for fitness enthusiasts to be able to purchase quality workout apparel with a message around becoming their best selves. With the world standing still and staying home, the time of reflection was more prevalent than ever. During these times, it seemed more important than ever to do something big, do something, REVOLUTIONARY.

Along with this new endeavor, Faverey immediately knew who he needed to partner with for the journey. He needed someone he could trust and someone with the skills necessary to be successful. He found this person in his long time friend and former UConn Track & Field teammate, Steven Rochester. With Rochester having a background in sales and marketing, it was a quick and confident decision that he would be perfect as a partner. Rochester was instrumental in developing the company into what it is today by increasing our customer base to outperform the debut of other Shopify stores by 80%. Rochester also introduced a plan to work with a company to generate a demand for future products. Due to his network, RFS Nutrition was then integrated to the team.

With the team now consisting of three like minded trendsetters on a mission, the opportunity to work in the health and fitness space became more attainable. The team’s rapport built so rapidly that it seemed destined to be this way from the start. Goals were aligned and ideas flowed naturally. RFS approached the team with a supplement brand idea. After brainstorming, the team decided to construct a plan and resource strategic partnerships. With the fitness and hip-hop network that RFS came in with, it was clear that the team had something strong and now had to think critically on how to market.

As the story continues, all of the pieces targeting success are in place. The spark that triggered an idea leading to the foundation of a sound team, then ultimately leading to action, is growing daily. With this only being the beginning, it is exciting to see what follows. As RevolutionaryFitness USA continues to grow, they encourage everyone they touch to Be Fit. Be Bold. Be Revolutionary. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!